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Mukesh Paliwal says:

Dear Madam, It gives me tremendous pleasure to write few words of praise , expressing gratitude and recommendations for any one looking for physiotherapist services.

Few month back when I was brought back after a fortnight of Deenanath hospital treatment after a sudden brain stroke.( In fact I had two stroke one before reaching the hospital and one soon after I was admitted. ) Verdict was plain and simple my complete left side was paralysed with what Drs called grade zero.

On 2nd or 3rd day my physiotherapy journey started. Two sessions every day . After 15-16 days of treatment and observations in Hospital I was discharged . I returned home on wheel chair with big question - what next and how long it will take ?

Because with Neuro patients they said two things clearly - 1. It is a time consuming process and 2. Every patient is different and there are no set patterns or so called proto-calls as such .

While one post graduate Sr physiotherapist was deputed for my treatment on behalf of DeenanathHospital , we still were in search of physiotherapist for afternoon sessions. And after browsing the net we found Cura physiotherapy clinic and they were happy to depute their very sincere and talented comparatively not so experienced candidate .

But at the end of 4 months treatment I can vouch for Dr Seema Joshi , physiotherapist who besides being good physio Dr , she possesses - all characteristic of good human being (specially required in this profession )enormous talent and full with sincerity and enthusiasm . She will prove to be an asset not only to where ever she is associated currently but to entire professional fraternity in general . Well done Dr. ! Wish you and your clinic the best .

And by the way I am almost there . Able to walk without any stick , can climb staircase and step down with little support. And my hand and finger movements ahead of normal progress ,regular reviews said . Though this is a shared credit as another senior post graduate Dr AditiKetkar from Deenanath was simultaneously treating me from almost same time , no one can take away Dr Seemajoshi's share in my progress . In fact it was a constant challenge for her to live up to high standard of treatment set by senior more experienced Dr. But Dr Seema Joshi managed it all and managed well . Where ever experienced fail little short Drs sincerity and hard-work -noticeably observed . Once Again sincere thanks to Cura physiotherapy clinic and Dr SeemaJoshi .

Mr. Sagar Padhye says

"Very attentive and clear. Explained the problem in detail to my understanding. Carried out few tests to confirm the exact pain area. Explained few corrective measures plus exercises for not letting pain prop up again in future. Overall good experience."

Mrs. Madhura Shiralkar says

"I have recently joined as a Physiotherapist at Cura and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Dr Supriya is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in the field. She is a great teacher and very supportive. I see patients getting better in few treatment sessions itself. Patients have great faith and confidence in Dr Supriya and she lives up to it. We all physiotherapists share a warm, friendly and co-operative relationship amongst ourselves which naturally gets passed on to the patients visiting the clinic. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been associated with Cura."

Mr. Prakash Biradar says

"Doctor Supriya is a caring person. She speaks in terms that you can understand. She is very easy to talk to. She took time with me to ensure I understand what my health needs are."

Mr. Anil Chavan says

"Wish I could express in a language that describes the experience most aptly. Very punctual,organised, rich subject knowledge, dedicated associates, highly personalised and focussed, in brief very professional set up. Obviously results, relief, recovery is quick and assured. Rest assured you are in the safe hands literally. May God bless the team with all the happiness that they distribute to the world around them."

Mrs. Varsha Joshi says

"Dr. Supriya explained me in details about the knee problem I was suffering from. She showed lot of patience in treating my chronic knee problem. Her approach helps patients recover not only physically but mentally also. "

Advocate Tushar Kanbur says

"CURA PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC, Karvenagar, Pune is the best clinic in this area with respect to solving all types of problems related to treatment of muscular and neurological problems. It has the latest medical equipments, so also skilled and efficient staff which imparts prompt and systematic medical treatment. I am an Advocate by profession and suffering from peripheral neuropathy for the last 3 years which gives me unbearable pains in the limbs and also burning sensation in the feet. The treatment, guidance and apt advice with proper supervision by DR.SUPRIYA ANTARKAR have helped in reducing the pain considerably. Dr. Supriya is an authority in physiotherapy and in treatment of such muscular, neurological, other similar related problems and persons who are suffering from them will surely benefit from her treatment."

Mrs.Aparna Limaye says:

"I really like this clinic. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and friendly. One does not get the feeling of being ill. You don't get treated as patients but as friends, and Dr.Supriya and Dr. Poonam are your care takers. They guide so well that I got confidence that I will definitely recover from my problem. I was suffering from wrist pain with thumb pain for over 2 months. The pain was so severe that I was not able to lift even lightest weight which made me very much dependent. Now within a month's time with exercises and electrotherapy I have got complete relief. Thank you very much everyone at Cura. "

Mrs.Asha Udyawar says:

"I am 63 year old, housewife. I am suffering from neck and back ache since past 10 years. I started coming to Cura physiotherapy since 2010 on and off. I was taught exercises for the same. These exercises have helped me to a great extent. Approach of doctors and assistance is really good. I am very much happy with appointment system they work on, it saves lot of time. Thank you everyone at Cura. "

Mrs. Vrushali Joshi says:

"I was having backache for past 3 months. It was making my routine very difficult. I came to know about the clinic from one of my relatives. So then I started taking treatment from Cura, the results were really good with around 50 to 60% in just couple of days. I am still on treatment. I would like to complete the full course, and I am sure I will definitely get better. I really like the approach of doctors here. Thank you!"

Mrs. Neurgaonkar Smita says:

"I am 58 year old. I am a home maker. I had severe upper back pain 2 months back. I was doing a few asanas at home, accidentally something really went wrong and I got severe muscle soreness. One of my friends recommended me to Dr.Supriya for treatment. The severity of pain called for investigations. I went for X-ray and a few blood test suggested by her. Then physiotherapy was started according to the reports, in the form of IFT and exercises. Within a week I got better and then the focus shifted to exercises and was given specific stretches and theraband exercises. Now in a 3 weeks time, I have started with my routine asanas again. Thank you doctor. "

Mrs. Tembhekar Madhuri says:

"I started getting neck pain since last 1 and half month. Frankly speaking, when the pain increased to I visited Cura physiotherapy clinic for advice as my daily routine was getting affected, after evaluation I was given electrotherapy and exercises for it. The exercises included strength training, stretching and manual therapy. Within 3 weeks time, I have got almost complete relief with ease of movement in neck. "

Mrs.Mohini Pimpalkhare says:

"I am 44 year old. I had severe shoulder muscle pull 2 months back while working out in gym. The pain was unbearable, and I was not able to move my shoulder at all. The pain used to be worst at night disturbing my sleep. After carrying on for 10-15 days I visited Dr.Supriya. She explained me the mechanism of problem and care to be taken, then started with electrotherapy and simple stretching. My pain started reducing right from second session, and I got full pain free shoulder range in 4 weeks time. "

Mrs. Kalyani Umrani, Famous Beautician says:

"One of the best physiotherapist in Pune. Supriya is an awesome person . Listens patiently to all our queries, explains what exactly the problem is ( till one understands) and makes your problem look very simple. Cura Clinic- Highly recommended by me and my family ... best wishes"

Ms. Gauri Ranjekar, IT professional & Marathon runner says:

"Dr. Supriya is just excellent and has a great diagnosis. I had a severe back pain because of muscle spasm and i almost could not stand straight. Then I consulted Dr. Supriya; her remarkable therapy and treatment relieved me from the agonising state in just 2 days.! Totally Hats off..!!"

Yogesh Parkhe, IT professional says:

  • Perfect Diagnosis
  • Correct therapies 
  • Helpful and polite staff
  • Very effective
  • Pleasant and positive efforts towards treatment

Mr. Chinmay Deshpande, Football player says:

"I  would say “SHE TAUGHT ME TO WALK AGAIN” One of my friend recommended me her name.And in first meeting itself I got to know that She is the best. I had ACL surgery for my right knee and after surgery I went for physiotherapy sessions for reconstruction. She started my treatment and went on adding new exercises. She isn’t like other doctors who work just for bucks. She gave personal attention and guide me very well so that I can walk again as I could before surgery. Thank you Doctor !!"

Kunal Salunkhe says:

"I was suffering from shoulder pain after pulling more weight than I was accustomed to in the gym. After the pain didn't subside for more than a week, I visited Dr. Supriya who accurately pointed out the trigger point and explained the problem in detail. After taping the shoulder, my pain subsided and gradually faded away. For the follow up meeting she suggested some exercises for strengthening my shoulders and also my lower back which has troubled me over the years. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend Dr. Supriya for anyone who is looking for any sort of physiotherapy."

Ashok Patil says:

"I found Dr.Supriya to be very knowledgeable. She could quickly understand the issue and explained why and what has gone wrong and the proposed treatment. I also appreciate tech savyness of the clinic . The assistants were equally competent."

Nikhil Avasarkar says:

"Doctor is very methodical. Has an excellent command over her profession. Good communication skills. All in all a great experience."

Nikita Sant says:

"Really worth visiting and everything is really good in there ! Positive vibes 😊 Just started with my therapy and the doc who helped me with the therapy is really good !! Thank you."

Mr.Sanjay, Lawyer says:

" I have been overwhelmed by care. Half of ailment is cured simply by care taking approach of the team of doctors. I am thankful for the treatment. Now i am really better and relieved from pains. Thanks and wish u all from your team very bright success in their career."

Mr.Rajeev Khade says:

" Dr is very professional in her work and ensures that her patient is comfortable and also generates confidence in the patient that things will be all right. This helps the patient to feel relaxed there by generating positive force within himself ( patient)."

Anil Tambe says:

" Supriyaji, Due to my friend Mr Ashok Deokule's appreciative referece I had predicted positive results which are proving right. After, just, a couple of sittings, mobility of my right leg has cosiderably improved. Your smiling presence is catalytic to your treatment. Please keep it up..."

Shruti Pol says:

"Good. professional n friendly both. i will recommend them to people i know. thanks to the team n keep up the good work."

Manav Gupta says:

"I had Great experience ,she listens to problem patiently ,flexible timings,gives proper time ,clinic is well organised."

Nikita Bachaw says:

"Doctor is very friendly and knowledgeable.  She explains you each and every detail of your pain and treat you well.. Overall all very good experience.."

Niranjan Gulbady says:

"Extremely nice to patients. Puts patient at ease and explains the ailment for better understanding by the patient..Very professional in approach.."

Gaurav Hoshing says:

"Doctor helped a lot, very cooperative staff,excellent and effective treatment methods. Pain will definitely run away...."

Sunita Kulkarni says:

"Dr.Supriya is very warm and friendly. Listens to your problem patiently gives you correct solutions."

Vinit Shah says:

"The experience was very good & feeling positive from my 1st day physio..."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for lower back pain and neck pain problem 3 weeks ago. Doctor has a listening ear and understands the perspective of the patient. Polite nature and clear explanation of the treatment. Dr does not stress for unnecessary expensive treatments and x-rays . In all a pleasant experience and would definitely recommend to friends. Thank you Doctor for a wonderful service."


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